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The Crab Opening set to music is entertaining: Hope you enjoy it.
The Crab

How to Play Chess Like an Animal

How to Play Chess Like an Animal gets kids playing chess! The brightly Anthea's Daughter is happy with the bookcolored illustrations, done by Linn Trochim, a Hanna-Barbera artist and easy to read stories turns a chess lesson into a fairy tale. This 69 page book comes comlete with lessons on how to read chess games.

Want to buy a copy of Play Chess Like an Animal? Click below to purchase a copy for yourself, your children, or a grandchild. It is a gift they will enjoy for years to come!



The co-authors are: Anthea Carson and Brian Wall. Both are very well known in Colorado Chess. See the Authors link to learn more about the authors and also the artist Linn Trochim, who did the beautiful job of illustrating this unique chess book.

This book makes an outstanding gift that will introduce someone special to the wonderful world of chess in a delightful way. You will find more information on the Buy it now link and in the pages of this website. Enjoy the way Anthea, Brian, and Linn have carefully chosen various animals to craft this chess introduction into an adventure story!

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