Anthea Carson has been playing chess since she was a tiny tot and Anthea and Daughter enjoying the book: Play Chess Like an Animalhas been playing tournament chess for over fifteen years. She has won quite a few tournaments including the Game 60 US Female Championship and came in third in the 2007 Colorado State Championship, tying with two masters. She holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy, has written two novels, and has spent the last ten years home schooling her two children. She has been coaching chess for children for over ten years. Most importantly, she hasn't forgotten what it's like to play chess as a kid.

Life Master Brian Douglas Wall was born March 26, 1955, and learned chess Photo of Brian Wall at the chessboard in a tournament games in Stillwater, OK 2010from his father at age 6. When he was 17 years old, he won the Junior Championship of Colorado 6-0, and became a Chess Master at age 23. As an adult, he scored at least as many points as the winner in 5 Colorado Championships and in 6 Denver Opens. He achieved second place in the 2002 Governor's Cup, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, tying with four Grandmasters. He was an International Chess webcaster for top Grandmaster events in 2006 for the Internet Chess Club. In 2007 Brian continued working as a webcaster for the internet site He has been writing about chess to an international audience, starting in 2000, at His website has had a quarter million hits so far. If you would like to receive free chess emails to improve your game, please sign up at or To contact Brian, email him at


Linn's photoLynn Winsted Trochim started her career in the film animation industry in Hollywood, drawing famous characters such as The Flintstones® and Scooby Doo® from Hanna-Barbera Studios. Lynn's favorite animated character assignment was Fat Albert and Friends® from Filmation Studios, because Fat Albert was not just entertainment, he had a moral message for kids. Linn and her husband Bob (also an animator) relocated to Colorado and opened Animart Studios and began to produce their own animation for television and computers. As classic animation gave way to computer generated animation, Linn turned her talent to illustration. She has illustrated science schoolbooks, children's books, book covers, backgrounds, fine art paintings, and How to Play Chess like an Animal. Her true love is illustrating for children.

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